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More Testimonials

We had a 22 year old Hanoverian mare start colicing on Tuesday February 8 in Tucson at a show. We brought her back to Cave Creek on Thursday, February 10 after treating her unsuccessfully at the horse show. She was tubed two times at the show. We brought her back to Cave Creek, on Thursday evening February 10 we ran seven bags of IV fluids to her. She continued to decline, had Southwest equine out on Friday, February 11. They suggested hospitalization. We took her to the hospital even though we told them that she was not a surgical candidate. They continued to run IV fluids and tube her 2 to 3 times per day. She still had not made progress /improved by Tuesday, February 15. I have been recommended to try Cellaide bye Jodee  Owens. Picked it up Tuesday afternoon. Gave her both a rectal enema and an oral dose Tuesday around 5 PM. She started improving throughout the day on Wednesday, February 16 and was released from the hospital on Thursday, February 17. She is at home now, we are introducing food slowly, keeping her on the Cellaide. We were using multiple therapies and treatments, but I don’t think that this horse would be alive without Cellaide! I’ve never heard of a horse colicing for 9 days and living thru it!!  Thank you!  _ Jill Lunsford

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