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CellAide® Mineral+


Cellaide® Mineral+ helps balance the PH in the stomach by a unique fermentation process that feeds the natural flora in the stomach and intestines. This reduces and/or helps prevent ulcers from the stresses of travel, competition, and anxiety related issues. Cellaide® Mineral+ also helps flush and detox the lymphatic system which is the body’s waste removal. Lactic acid build up that can hinder the recovery of muscles and overload the kidneys and liver.


When the lymphatic system functions properly and homeostasis has been restored, the pain and inflammation subside leaving the horse comfortable when working or relaxing. It is truly a whole-body health supplement.


For skin abnormalities: Additionally use topically (bath or soak). (In dilution)

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbial properties increase the pH of the skin surface. Works best with oral administration also.


“This product has been tested by U.S.E.F. and passed their criteria”

“Manufactured by Cellaide Minerals Cave Creek, AZ 85331”


When ordering a case - you will receive 4 One Gallon Bottles.


CANINE Section: be sure all the product descriptions say Canine/dog instead of horse.
Not sure it is necessary to print the USEF approval line on the labels.

Dosage 1 to 2 Tsp daily

Ok to administer via water bowl

Canine Cellaide Minerals+

  • When ordering a case - you will receive 4 One Gallon Bottles.

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