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As with all Cellaide products, Performance is all-natural with no chemical additives in
order to create acceptance in the body of natural cofactors with no side effects. Aids in
beneficial gut function and replacing lost electrolytes. USEF tested and accepted.
Performance adds on to Joint Workz formula and is blended through original Cellaide®
Mineral, a fermented all natural plant based proprietary ionic mineral, to get to the
cellular level. The Performance compound, with the proprietary blend of 21 Herbs helps
reestablish the health of the synovial fluid, the bursa sac and the nerve endings around
the joint’s ligaments and tendons. Performance Blend will allow your horse to behave at
their best during times of high intensity stress due to trailering, training, performing,
dramatic weather changes, or breeding. Biological systems have a great capacity to
repair damage only if they have the correct materials to do so.  Performance provides
the elements for positive protein repair and enzymatic action.  Proteins, enzymes, and
prostaglandins all need a rich complement of bioavailable nutrients to do their job. 

“This product has been tested by U.S.E.F. and passed their criteria”

“Manufactured by Cellaide Minerals

Performance - CASE (4 Gallons)

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